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How to purchase customized Test Chart
Case 1 : Send us a  drawing Case 1 : Send us a  drawing
If the drawing is consist of parts of DNP Standard Test Chart, we will make CAD data.
Case 2 : Send us a data Case 2 : Send us a data
1)Readable data format are dxf・dwg・Gerber(D,X)
2)We can create Grayscale chart, upon confirming its density.
3)Send each layers' data separately except for Test Chart.
4)Confirm only size that is described in inspection data sheet.
5)Choose the white and black of test chart.
1 Confirm the specification of the Test Chart Please specify the Chart form and materials.
1 We send you our Quotation Price and time of delivery will be informed.
Lead time is 3-7 days after completing the CAD data.
1 Place the official order
1 We make the CAD data. If required, you would check the drawing. We will send you the drawing to check
1 We draw on an original board and convert materials according to the specification.  
1 Delivery Size and inspection data are delivered with the Test Chart

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