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What is B2it?

DNP offers B2itTM (Buried Bump Interconnection Technology) which is a trademark of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.registered in the European Union (CTM), China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
We offer various line-ups such as Random Via on all layers PWB(All B2it)・Embedded PWB(E-B2it), We will contribute to the development of your products with high-function and high density wiring.

B2it PWB Development Process

 In the electronics area, there are strong trends of pursuing light, compact and multi-functional products. Such trends owe to miniaturization technology of semiconductor packages such as BGA・CSP.
There are also strong needs of high-density wiring, fine pattern miniaturization of via for Printed Wiring Board (PWB) and especially Build-up PWB is expected to offer solutions to those needs.

DNP predicted such trends and has focused on developing Build-up PWB. As a result, we have successfully developed original Build-up PWB, B2itTM(B・Square・it).

Basic Manufacturing Process of B2it
B2it stands after「Buried Bump Interconnection Technology」, which connects both layers with conductive bump and facilitates conductive interconnection. 
1. Conductive Ag Bumps are printed on a sheet of copper foil.
2. Prepreg is pierced through by the Bumps.
3. Another sheet of copper is also laminated and a two sided B2it board is manufactured.
B2it Basic Process
  * Click this picture to enlarge.
Merits of B2it
  Followings are merits of B2it
1. Simple Process
2. Wide Choices of Insulation
3. All Layers Stacked Via Random Via structure
4. Combination with other HDI(High Density Interconnection) Technologies
5. Various Types of Multi Layer structure
  other merits are listed below.
・ Experiences of mass-manufacturing applications with high frequency and high density wiring.
(e.g. mobile and laptop PC).

・ Alliance with other PWB makers; stable supply
  * Click this picture to enlarge.
  1.Simple Manufacturing Process
  • No drilling(ALL B2it structure)
  • No planting→Earth Concious PWB
  • High density wiring(fine pattern)available(No Plating Process)
  2.Wide Choices of Insulation
  • Insulations Available according to Characteristics Required
    *Strength against Peeling :FR4
    *High Heat Resistance:BT PI BN300
    *Low Electronic Propagation Characteristics(PPE, PI, Teflon)
    *Cost Performance (paper phenol)
  • Eco-friendly PEB available with Halogen-free components
  3.Stacked Via/Random Via Structure
  • Stacked Via available: for Quad package
  • Random Via available
  • Pad on Via High Density Wiring: High Density Wiring
  Stacked Via/Random Via Structure
  4.Combination with Other HDI(High Density Interconnection) Technologies
  • Board thickness can be adjusted with other HDI Technologies(e.g.Laser Via, Thru-hole).
  Combination with Other HDI(High Density Interconnection) Technologies
  5.Various Structure of Multi-layer PWB
  • High Freedom of Design
  • Wide Variation of Process & Structure

    Various Structure of Multi-layer PWB

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