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IC Tag
IC tags

IC tag is a digital medium that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to keep track of items, and automatically differentiate between various types of information through the wireless exchange of data between built-in memory and the tag reader. It is easier to add and modify data with IC tag than conventional methods; such as bar code scanners.

In the future, IC tag will be a widespread reusable medium for storage and exchange of information. It will also be the basis for any inventory management system covered over a computer network.

From years of work in semiconductors, semiconductor application technology, and design simulation technology, DNP is utilizing its knowledge gained to develop a low-cost, high-performance, ultra-thin IC tag for a wide range of uses.

DNP continually will be developing high performance, multi-purpose IC tags. DNP can customize IC tags to serve a wide variety of our clients needs.

Product features >> Introduction to Product technologies
DNP's total technology meets customer needs.
Thin, highly reliable products
DNP has achieved 0.25 to 0.5 mm thickness with highly precise etching and thin package technologies. This IC tag has more durability than conventional label type IC tag. DNP can also supply inlay mounting of the chip on the antenna without package.
IC tags in various sizes
To create the perfect product for customer needs, DNP also offers non-standard-sized IC tags, incorporating its own design, simulation, and processing technologies.
Simple, maintenance-free
DNP's IC tag requires no batteries, and is highly durable.
Variety of applications
DNP's IC tag has many applications, such as Multi-read (Anti-collision), EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), QUIET Mode.
Low-noise, high-speed transmission is possible by use of a shortwave band (13.56 MHz) radio frequency. This gives products additional functions as compared to conventional long and medium wave band IC tags. DNP is also developing a one time use IC tag, utilizing long and medium wave bands with printing technology.
Variety of surface images possible
DNP can offer the most effective image for any of numerous uses, with our imaging technology that covers printing, and much more.
Variety of shapes and types
DNP can supply inlet-only rolls, post-package sheets, small module shapes, specially designed shapes, and others.
Benefits to customers
IC tags offer numerous benefits.
Benefits of IC tags
Cost reduction Improved productivity Improved customer service
Reduced manpower costs
Reduced preparation time
Reduced inventory
Automatic recognition and counting via wireless data exchange
Automatic sorting
Automatic data collection
Improved inventory control
Improved quality control and tracking
Quick response to customer inquiries
Easy construction of product information database
DNP inspect and verify in-house systems ourselves.
IC tag applications
IC tags
Distribution Transportation Sports and entertainment
Parcel delivery
Product control
Airline luggage tag
Dry cleaning
Train stations
Parking lots
Amusement parks
Security Industry Medical field
Access Control
Process and product control Patient sign-in
Prescription control



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