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Retort Pouch
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Retort Pouch

Our technology is constantly evolving. DNP continues to develop packaging products in anticipation of future market trends.
The transparent High-Barrier Retort Pouch is one of our important innovations from the standpoint of food safety, convenience and environmental issues.

Together with our high performance conventional aluminum pouches, DNP is providing effectual options for a new life style. We also offer technical consultation; lending our expertise cultivated for over 30 years.

Benefits of Retort Pouch
For Manufacturer
  • Less deterioration of flavor, taste and nutrition
  • Less warehousing space of packaging materials
  • Attractive graphic impression to consumer
  • Suitable for small lot production of a wide variety of products
  • Metal detection on production line (Transparent type)
For Consumer
  • Safer to handle
  • Easy to carry, cook and open
  • Use of microwave oven (Transparent type)
  • Less waste
Self-venting Pouches for Microwave Cooking
Stand-up type A
Stand-up type A
Flat type with wing
Product Line Up
Aluminium Type Stand-up Pouch, Flat Pouch
Transparent Type Stand-up Pouch, Flat Pouch
Self-Venting Type*1 Stand-up Pouch, Flat Pouch with Self-Venting Wing

*1 Self-venting Type is a transparent type with automatic steam ventilation function for microwave cooking.

Oxygen Scavenger Pouch
Film Structure
Aluminium Type PET/ON/AL/CPP, PET/AL/CPP
High Barrier Transparent Type SiOX PET/ON/CPP,
Metalized AL PET/ON/CPP
Extra Barrier Transparent Type SiOX PET/Barrier Coated BOPA/CPP
Unique CPP developed by DNP
Specialized Cast Polypropylene (CPP) made of self developed resin provides extra benefits.
  • High Seal Strength (Drop Impact Resistance)
  • Low Migration of Plastic Flavor
  • Anti-Orange Peel Phenomenon

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